Historic landscapes on the Isle of Wight

The Island’s historic landscape is all around us and contains sites, settlements, fields, lanes and roads, houses and other structures surviving humanity throughout the ages.

Historic Environment Action Plans (HEAPs) are a way of characterising the historic environment of local areas. They provide an overview of the actions and plans needed to manage and conserve the resource for future generations.

The Isle of Wight Historic Environment Action Plan

The Isle of Wight HEAP draws on the programme of Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) which consists of a digital map displaying HLC types representing the historic dimensions of the present day landscape.

Completed in 2008, the Isle of Wight HLC project was funded by English Heritage.

The Island's HEAP identifies areas of importance for archaeology, the historic landscape and the historic built environment and sets out strategies for their local management.

A key aim is to promote community understanding, conservation, and management of the historic environment.

The HEAP is treated as background evidence in planning matters connected with the historic environment. In terms of general landscape management, the HEAP facilitates the assessment of Countryside Stewardship applications, woodland plans, and other proposals for our countryside.

HEAP documents and reports

You can download or request paper copies of the HEAP Area and Type reports. Contact the County Archaeology and Historic Environment Service.

HEAP area reports

HEAP type reports

The HEAP Project has been supported by the AONB Sustainable Development Fund and Leader.