Discover the library

It's free to join the library. You can join in any library on the Isle of Wight. You don't need to fill in a form, just bring in some ID. You will get your library card immediately.

There is no age limit for joining the library, but young people under the age of 16 years will need the signature of a parent or carer.

Register online

Or you can join the library online. This is recommended for people who want to use our online services (such as eBooks) without visiting a library. Once you have enrolled, you will be able to start using our online services immediately.

Since most people who join online only want to use our online services, we no longer send library cards through the post. If you want to visit a library to borrow physical books, just ask any library staff to change your online membership for a physical library card.

Already a member

If you're already a library member, you don't need to create a new account to use our online services. Just use your library card number instead. Contact any library or call Library HQ on 01983 823824 if you don't know your PIN. If you've lost your library card, contact your library. Do not create a new library membership.

Access the catalogue

You can search for books, DVDs, and other items in our ‚Äčlibrary catalogue. Browse through recent additions to stock, read recent reader reviews, and find contact information for your local library. You do not have to log in to do this. Visit our library catalogue page for more information.