Folly moorings

There are three visitor pontoons in the Medina River near the Folly Inn. One is a walk ashore and the other two are in mid-river. All are run by the Folly Berthing Master.

Permanent moorings are available. Contact Newport Harbour for information.

Folly facilities

The walk ashore pontoon has water and electricity. Showers and toilets are accessible 24 hours per day at the Folly Inn.

A public slipway is available for launching to the South of the Folly Inn and is popular for launching and recovering small craft, while the inn provides parking. Users should be aware there may be a strong crosscurrent on the lower end of the slipway during an ebb tide.

There is also a scrubbing berth available nearby.

The Folly Inn is known for its table dancing (Saturday nights normally) and has a lot to offer. They have their own walk ashore pontoon taking you straight to the pub, but this needs to be booked during the sailing season. It has moorings in the centre of the river. They have a good kitchen, large dining area both inside and out, and offer a variety of ales. They get very busy in the season, so it is advisable to contact them in advance to arrange a mooring and book a table. They are a favourite destination for rallies.

Folly contact information

If you wish to travel from East Cowes or Cowes to the Folly Inn, the Folly Waterbus is available on VHF Ch 77 or mobile 07974 864627.

Call VHF Ch 72 with call sign ‘Folly Launch’ when passing port hand marker No.10 for berthing instructions.

Folly Moorings, River Medina, Isle of Wight, phone: 07884 400046.