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This map is based on the Ordnance Survey 1:10,000 Map for the Isle of Wight reproduced by permission of the Controller of HM Stationary Office, Crown Copyright reserved, under Licence No LA 100019229. It may not be copied without permission for any purpose whatsoever. Online copies of the Definitive Map are for public inspection and reference only and remain the property of the Isle of Wight Council.

Please note that whilst all pdfs / images on this website are scans of scaled originals, the images will not appear at any particular scale on your computer screen. Figured dimensions, where they appear, are the only reliable method of obtaining measurements from these images.

The relevant date of the map is 29th February 2000. Changes have occurred to the rights of way network since this date e.g. by diversion or extinguishment orders. For details of changes please email rightsofway@iow.gov.uk. The viewing of the Digital Definitive Map 2000 must not be used in substitution of obtaining a Local Land Charges Search (optional question), the result of which will provide the accurate situation taking into account changes to the rights of way network since 29th February 2000.

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Rights of Way Maps (PDF downloads)

  1. Gurnard, West Cowes
  2. East Cowes, Osborne
  3. Gurnard Marsh, Rew Street, Sticelett Thorness
  4. Gurnard, Medham, Northwood West Cowes
  5. Barton Manor, East Cowes, Osborne, Whippingham
  6. Kings Quay, Osborne Bay, Woodside
  7. Bouldner, Yarmouth
  8. Bouldner, Cranmore, West Hamstead
  9. Lower Hamstead, Newtown Nature Reserve
  10. Clamerkin, Newtown, Porchfield
  11. Great Thorness, Parkhurst Forest
  12. Noke Common, Parkhurst, Parkhurst Forest
  13. Binfield, Fairlee, River Medina
  14. Briddlesford, Wootton
  15. Firestone Copse, Fishbourne Quarr
  16. Binstead, Haylands, Ryde West, Swanmore
  17. Nettlestone, Pondwell, Puckpool, Ryde East
  18. Nettlestone, Seaview
  19. Colwell Bay
  20. Freshwater, Norton, River Yar, Yarmouth
  21. Freshwater, Totland
  22. Afton, Freshwater, Freshwater Bay
  23. Alum Bay, Headon Warren, The Needles
  24. Middleton, Tennyson Down, Totland
  25. Thorley, Wilmingham, Yarmouth
  26. Cranmore, Thorley Street, Wellow
  27. Compton Down, East Afton, Tapnell
  28. Brook Down, Chessell, Shalcombe
  29. Newtown, Shalfleet
  30. Clamerkin, Watchingwell
  31. Calbourne, Newbridge, Westover
  32. Calbourne, Five Houses, Rowridge, Swainston
  33. Alvington, Bowcombe Down, Great Park
  34. Carisbrooke, Gunville, Newport West
  35. Bowcombe, Idlecombe
  36. Gatcombe, Whitcombe, Whitecroft
  37. Newport East, Pan, Staplers
  38. Combley, Downend
  39. Blackwater, Merston Manor, St Georges Down
  40. Arreton, Arreton Down, Horringford
  41. Chillingwood, Havenstreet, Rowlands Wood
  42. Ashey, Smallbrook, Upton, Whitefield
  43. Alverstone Garden Village, Knighton, Newchurch
  44. Adgestone, Alverstone, Brading Down, Nunwell
  45. Beaper, Brading, Rowborough, St Helens, Whitefield
  46. Bembridge Harbour, St Helens
  47. Ashey Down, East Ashey, Kern, Nunwell>
  48. Brading, Morton, Rowborough, Yarbridge
  49. Bembridge Airport, Brading Marshes
  50. Bembridge
  51. Brading, Yaverland
  52. Bembridge Down, Whitecliff Bay
  53. Compton Bay
  54. Brook, Dunsbury, Hulverstone
  55. Brighstone, Chilton Green, Mottistone
  56. Brighstone, Brighstone Forest, Cheverton Down
  57. Chilton Chine
  58. Limerstone, Marshgreen, Thorncross, Yafford
  59. Northcourt Down, Shorwell, Westridge Down
  60. Chillerton, Cridmore, Rill, Roslin
  61. Dungewood, Samber Hill, Shorwell
  62. Billingham, Corve, Kingston, The Wilderness
  63. East Appleford, Rookley
  64. Budbridge, Hale Common, Lessland, Redway
  65. Appleford, Bleak Down, Godshill, Roud
  66. Appuldurcombe, Godshill, Sainham, Sandford
  67. Apse Heath, Princelett, Queens Bower, Winford
  68. Blackpan, Lake, Sandown, Sandown Airport
  69. Apse Manor, Upper Hyde, Whiteley Bank
  70. Lower Hyde, Shanklin
  71. Atherfield Point, Cowleaze Chine, Shepherds Chine
  72. Atherfield Green, Corve, Gladices, Pyle, Southdown
  73. Atherfield, Green Whale Chine
  74. Chale, Chale Green, St Catherines Down
  75. Blackgang, Chale, Rocken End
  76. Castlehaven, Niton, St Catherines Point
  77. Kingates, Southford, Whitwell, Wydcombe
  78. Appuldurcombe, Nettlecombe, Stenbury Down
  79. Binnel Bay, Niton, Puckaster
  80. St Lawrence, The Undercliff, Week Down
  81. Appuldurcombe, St Martins Down, Wroxall
  82. Luccombe, Shanklin Down, The Landslip
  83. Lowtherville, St Boniface Down, Ventnor
  84. Dunnose, Luccombe Bay, Monks Bay, The Landslip
  85. Rew Down, Steephill, Ventnor
  86. Bonchurch, Ventnor