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27 Jun 2022
Results of Planning Peer Challenge

The final report of the Local Government Association's review of the Isle of Wight's planning system has been published.

The report praises the "significant passion" amongst councillors, staff and local people in relation to issues around housing, development and growth housing, development and growth.

But it emphasises the need for planning to take place "within a framework of respect for others and their differing views and motivations".

27 Jun 2022
The summer dino dig at Yaverland
Dino Isle leading on dinosaur dig

Dinosaur Isle is leading the way with a dedicated dinosaur excavation, to provide specialist training for 55 university students from across the county.

27 Jun 2022
Help shape future coastal defences

Residents and visitors on the Isle of Wight are being encouraged to share their views on the coastal frontages at Shanklin and Yaverland.  

24 Jun 2022
Trees at East Cowes
Tree work in East Cowes park

Trees at the Victoria Grove recreation ground in East Cowes have been inspected and safety works are needed. Work is due to start shortly to cut back some trees, and two trees will need to be removed.

23 Jun 2022
Can your group offer advice and support to vulnerable families?
Grants to extend support for families

Applications for grant funding are now open to organisations across the Isle of Wight which can offer advice and support to vulnerable families on issues such as finance, health and wellbeing, housing and employment.

23 Jun 2022
Professor Garrod joined the youngsters in the museum as the latest addition to the display of dinosaurs was unveiled
Brighstone pupils feature on BBC show

Millions of viewers of the BBC's One Show watched Professor Ben Garrod visit the Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown with a group of children from Brighstone Primary School.  

22 Jun 2022
Carers IW men's group
Supporting the Island's unpaid carers

Carers from across the Island enjoyed a number of events to mark National Carers Week.

17 Jun 2022
The annual drink drive campaign, led by the Hampshire Safer Roads Partnership, was in operation this week
Dangers of 'morning after' drink driving

Getting into the driver's seat the morning after drinking could have serious consequences.

16 Jun 2022
Councillor Claire Critchison, Isle of Wight Council chairman
Right royal welcome for shoppers

Shops and businesses across the Island made sure shoppers received a right royal welcome in the run-up to the four-day Jubilee celebrations. 

15 Jun 2022
Cyclists on the Isle of Wight
Take the Island Green Link survey

After success with the £5.8m East Cowes Marine Hub bid, the Isle of Wight Council is eligible to bid in the second round of the government's levelling-up fund.

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