Commercial waste and recycling at Lynnbottom

Business, commercial or trade waste cannot be taken to the household waste and recycling areas at Lynnbottom or Afton Marsh.

You can only take it to the Lynnbottom Commercial Waste and Recycling Centre (CWRC). You must have a Waste Carriers Licence and have completed a Waste Transfer note before arrival.

You can register or renew a Waste Carriers Licence.

Businesses can dispose of commercial waste and recycling on a ‘pay as you throw’ basis at the Lynnbottom CWRC.

The CWRC opening times are: Monday to Saturday 8.00 - 17.00 (last tip at 16.30).

Commercial use of Recycling Centres – Pay as you throw

The CWRC will only accept debit or credit card payments and staff at the commercial recycling centre are unable to issue invoices.

What is commercial waste

Commercial, business and trade waste is:

  • waste from any commercial activity, including any you run from your home
  • waste produced providing professional services in a person’s home (gardening, building work, or providing care)
  • construction
  • demolition
  • industry
  • agriculture.

Business or traders can recycle or dispose of the following materials:

  • green waste
  • scrap metal
  • paper and card
  • wood
  • plasterboard, hardcore and rubble
  • metal cans
  • hard plastics
  • asbestos
  • tyres
  • paint tins
  • textiles
  • general or mixed waste.

If an item is not listed above, speak to a member of staff at the CWRC who will be able to advise you.


Some items are free to dispose. Other items have an individual cost per kilo. Prices are subject to change at any time and are displayed at the CWRC site at Lynnbottom.

The CWRC will only accept debit or credit card payments.

Staff at the recycling centre are unable to issue invoices.

MaterialPer kiloPer tonne
Mixed textiles and clothesFreeFree
Mixed paper and card (non third party)4p£40.00
Mixed paper and card (third party)8p£80.00
Scrap metalFreeFree
Paint£2.00 per tin£2.00 per tin
Engine oil£1.00£1000.00
Hardcore / rubbleFreeFree
Mixed glass6p£60.00
General waste16p£160.00
Green waste4.7p£47.00
Hard plastic10.2p£102.00
Large domestic appliance (LDA)£5.00 per unit£5.00 per unit
Small domestic appliance (SDA)13.5p£135.00
TV's£5.00 per unit£5.00 per unit
Commercial fridge's£120.00 / £220.00 depending on size£120.00 / £220.00 depending on size
Domestic fridge's£14.00 small or £18.00 large£14.00 small or £18.00 large