Learning and Development Resource Centre

The Learning and Development Resource Centre provides a wide range of resources to assist with the continuing professional development of teaching and support staff, governors, childminders and social workers.

The resource centre holds resources in the following areas:

  • special needs, behaviour management, inclusion, child development and the curriculum
  • childcare and early years (including childminders and pre-school staff)
  • classroom activities and artefacts to support learning
  • family support, social work and safeguarding
  • health care and extended schools
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), citizenship and emotional literacy.

Also available are:

  • a varied assortment of puppets for use in the classroom and to assist with social and emotional development
  • many big books, both fiction and non-fiction
  • artefacts and hands-on teaching resources
  • students reading lists tracked and resourced
  • study area with internet access, available for bookings.

You can search our resources library online. 

Email learning.development@iow.gov.uk or phone to find out more.