Persistent evaders and vehicle removals

Persistent evaders

This policy has been introduced to tackle motorists that repeatedly breach parking regulations.

A persistent evader is defined as a vehicle owner with three or more recorded parking breaches. The Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) from these breaches will not have been paid, represented, or appealed against within the statutory time limits. Or, their representations and appeals have been rejected, but they have still not been paid.

The Department for Transport advises us to take the strongest measures against persistent evaders, which includes vehicle removal.

Vehicle recovery

If your vehicle has been removed, it will be stored at D.H Price Motors Limited, Unit C5-C7 Spithead Trading Estate, Newport Road, Sandown, PO36 9PH.

You will need to provide all the following for your vehicle to be released:

  • the registration document (V5) for the vehicle
  • a current driving licence
  • a current utility bill dated within the last three months. 

The name and address must match on all three documents.

Vehicle release costs

To release your vehicle, you will need to pay your PCN. Also, you must pay the removal charge of £105 and the vehicle storage charge of £12 per day.

The PCN cost will be:

  • £50 reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days of issue
  • £70 reduced to £35, if paid within 14 days of issue.

Vehicle recovery time

The vehicle must be collected within 28 days from the date of removal to avoid the vehicle being disposed of by our contractor.

Uncollected vehicles

If you have not collected your vehicle within 28 days, we will write to you (if the registered keeper’s details are held at the DVLA) to inform you that if the vehicle is not collected within seven days the vehicle will be disposed of. If this action is necessary, a disposal fee of £50 may be charged.

Unresolved PCNs

If you do not resolve your outstanding PCNs and you continue to break parking regulations, your vehicle will be at risk of being removed again. 

Representations and appeals

You can make representations to us in writing if any of PART 4 Representations and appeals in relation to removed vehicles applies to you.



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