Solent transport


Transport does not stop at our boundary and it is recognised that although physically separate from our mainland neighbours, we rely on the mainland transport infrastructure and cross-Solent links for our everyday existence.

In March 2013, the Isle of Wight Council joined with Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council in Solent Transport, a strategic transport partnership, the aims of which are to improve transport for South Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Key objectives

The Solent Transport strategy has three key objectives – reduce, manage and invest.

  • reduce – reducing our need for transport, encouraging shorter journeys and promoting travel by public transport, walking and cycling
  • manage – making the best of current transport provision
  • invest – creating new infrastructure to cater for planned growth

Transport vision

The overall vision of Solent Transport is to create a transport system for the sub-region that:

  • can cope with current and future transport requirements
  • will not have a detrimental effect on the area’s environment
  • will improve its residents’ quality of life

Details of Solent Transport and the projects and priorities. This includes a link to the Solent Transport Delivery Plan which provides a statement of the transport scheme priorities being progressed by the partnership and its member authorities.  

Local Transport Body

The Isle of Wight Council has agreed to join with our Solent Transport partners and the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (SLEP) in the formation of a Local Transport Body, the main aim of which will be to draw down government funding for major transport schemes in the SLEP area, allocate the funding through a bidding process and monitor and report on delivery of schemes.