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NT46 DM Modification Request - location map, to be linked to DMMO register

Deductions from Local Council Tax Support for other people who live with you

Illustration showing all planned, or completed, junction improvements in Newport as part of Newport Strategic Junction Improvement programme.

The Neighbourhoods directorate recognises the importance of providing advice and support to businesses in order to achieve compliance as well as supporting economic development and growth. However, where it becomes necessary to take enforcement action against a business, or individual, such action will be taken.

There is a wide range of tools available to officers. In principle, a logical process of  regulation and enforcement should take place where offences have been committed. This should be a graduated approach with stages of informal/formal warnings prior to consideration of prosecution, revocation or other restrictive enforcement. Although there may be situations where the context and severity would result in more immediate enforcement.

This policy applies to all the legislation enforced by officers with delegated enforcement powers within the following services:

a)             Community Safety
b)             Environmental Health
c)              Environment Officers
d)             Housing Renewal
e)             Licensing
f)               Trading Standards
g)             Waste Management

For all planning applications that involve a net increase of residential units (this includes tourist accommodation), the IWC requires applicants to demonstrate that their development would not cause harm to the Solent protected sites as a result of drainage that would result in a net increase in nutrients.

An assessment of the nutrient and phosphorous budgets required to support development within the Island Planning Strategy