Planning Development

Application search, view and comment

You can search and view applications made since February 2004 online through our planning register. Through the register you will also be able to see any appeals and tree works applications.

You can also comment on current applications through the planning register. We always recommend that you make comments online but written comments can be submitted to or sent to the planning office. All comments received on an application can be viewed from the Documents tab

If you would like to comment on a current application, please read our document on making effective comments.

You may also find the following guides useful:

Press list

The list shows the applications that are advertised in the local press and start their public consultation period on that date. The links below show the most recent press list, along with the three previous lists:

Historic planning information

Some historic planning permissions and information are not available digitally due to their age. You can use the historic reference planning map to find reference numbers for planning applications between 1947 and 2004. Once you've identified the applications you want to view please contact us so we can arrange for the files to be made available.