Charitable (Street) Collections

Permits for street collections are granted by the Local Authority under the provisions of the Police, Factories etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1916 and governed by the Model Street Collection Regulations (PDF, 62KB, 1 page).  Any collection to be undertaken in a street or a public place requires a street collection permit. This includes the area between a pavement and a shop door or privately owned shopping precinct. It is an offence to conduct a street collection in any street or public place without a permit. We will not permit more than one organisation to collect in the same area on the same day, although every effort will be made to meet the requirements of each individual organisation.

The Street Collections Policy (PDF, 14KB, 1 page)  will be used by the licensing authority in determining whether to grant a street collection permit. The sale of articles, magazines etc. in a public place for charitable purposes as part of a market or other such activity, forms a street collection for which a permit is needed. Permit holders are required to publish, at their own expense, an account of the collection proceeds in the local newspaper.

Find guidance on how to carry out charitable collections.

Application Process

If you need a Charitable Collections - Street Collections license, apply for one online.

If you need a Charitable Collections - House To House license, apply for one online.

No fee is needed for either license.