Street Trading

Street Trading Information

Anyone intending to:

  • sell
  • expose
  • or offer for sale any article (including a living thing).

In any public place on the Isle of Wight, you must obtain a street trading consent issued by us. This includes advertising the goods for sale. 

It applies to all:

  • current streets/roads
  • council car parks
  • recreation grounds
  • open spaces along with all public parks
  • gardens
  • amenity areas
  • sports areas
  • play areas
  • parking bays adopted by us.

Street trading relates to:   

  • markets     
  • mobile traders
  • static traders.

A street trading consent is not required for:       

  • selling only newspapers and periodicals
  • selling goods for charitable purposes (but a street collection permit will be required)  
  • a pedlar.

Pedlar’s certificate

A pedlar’s certificate is issued by the police at a police station. It allows a person to sell goods (usually trinkets, household goods and other handmade objects), travelling on foot from door to door, place to place or town to town.

Find out how to apply for a certificate on GOV.UK.

Our Street Trading Policy (PDF, 274 MB, 12 pages) is used by the licensing authority to assist in the determination of applications for a street trading consent.

Trading at the market

Get permission from the market organiser to trade at the market, before applying for a street trading consent. If you are granted street trading consents, you will be expected to follow the rules of that market as well as conditions attached to the street trading consent.

When submitting an application for consent, the public liability insurance (PLI) levels are now required as part of the applications supporting documentation. It has increased from five million to ten million. The associated Policies will be updated in due course.

Apply for a Street Trading Consent

To apply for a street trading consent, contact us.

A fee (PDF, 86KB, 1 page) must be paid at the time an application is made. The fee covers the cost of administration, inspection and enforcement activity.

If you need support, contact the Licensing Department.