Information for young people about employment

Getting a part time job can be great experience, help you meet new people, gain different skills and earn some money. This will also look good on your CV for future jobs or when you are applying to colleges or university.

If you are aged between 13 and 16 years old, there are some jobs you cannot do (like serving alcohol), but there are plenty of jobs you can do such as light work in a cafĂ©, hairdressers, hotels or offices. 

Your employers have a legal responsibility when they employ you and need to carry out risk assessments to ensure you are working legally and safely.

If you are at school and you want to work, your employer must get you a child employment permit.

To help you to have a positive experience and stay safe at work while earning some money you should read the information on our webpages which explains the hours of work and more information on what you need to know about working.

Further information is also available from the National Network for Child Employment and Entertainment (NNCEE) website.