Corporate Scrutiny Committee

Meets every month apart from April, August & December.

Responsible for Scrutiny functions in respect of decisions and activities within the remit of the council, the Cabinet, Cabinet members, officers, and any functions not otherwise expressly delegated to another Scrutiny committee.

It will adopt and deliver a work programme which reflects the priorities of the administration, corporate strategic objectives and the priorities of scrutiny members and the Island community.

The Corporate Scrutiny Committee acts as the Council's Crime and Disorder Committee under Sections 19 & 20 of the Police and Justice Act 2006.  The Committee can review the work of the Community Safety Partners in relation to their crime and disorder functions. The Committee also deals with Councillor Calls for Action in relation to crime and disorder matters.

If you would like to suggest an item for enquiry, comment on ongoing or previous enquiries, or discuss a committee workplan please contact us by email at