Health and Social Care

Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Health and Social Care

Usually meets in March, June, September & December.

Responsible for scrutiny of the portfolios of the Cabinet members for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Housing Needs; and Community Safety and Public Protection.

Assists Cabinet in the development and implementation of key plans, policies and activities set out in the Corporate Plan relating to the delivery of relevant services, including:

  • statutory health scrutiny
  • adult social care (including safeguarding)
  • health and social care Integration
  • all health services commissioned or delivered for the benefit of island residents
  • public health
  • Health and Wellbeing Board and the delivery of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • future local delivery model and strategic commissioning

The purpose of health scrutiny is to:

  • improve the health and wellbeing of residents
  • provide a critical friend to the NHS
  • facilitate greater involvement of stakeholders in local health issues
  • tackle the ‘democratic deficit’ in health and ultimately improve the health of local people

The primary aims of health scrutiny are to identify whether:

  • Health services reflect the views and aspirations of the community
  • All sections of the community have equal access to services
  • All sections of the community have an equal chance of a successful outcome from services
  • Proposals for substantial service changes are reasonable

If you would like to suggest an item for enquiry, comment on ongoing or previous enquiries, or discuss a committee workplan please contact us by email at