Temporary accommodation

Homeless people may be allocated temporary bed and breakfast accommodation by the Housing Services Department of the Council, while their application to be placed on the “Housing List” is determined; and if accepted until permanent housing is available.Clients who are provided Temporary Accommodation by the Housing Section may be required to make a contribution towards the cost of their housing. This is determined by the clients entitlement to Housing Benefit and the number of people claiming assistance.

When an application for assistance is made a Housing Officer will be assigned who should explain the procedures involved and the clients responsibilities whilst in temporary accommodation. The Housing Officer will also be able to assist with the completion of a Housing Benefit Application form and is available to answer any queries relating directly to the allocation of Temporary Housing and the pursuit of permanent accommodation.

The Housing Services department contact details in our homelessness webpages.

Any Client required to make payments (Contributions) towards temporary accommodation will be advised of the amount and frequency of these payments and supplied with a payment swipe card where necessary. Any queries arising or difficulties encountered when making payments should be directed to Customer Accounts.  Please contact us using the details found in the contact tab above.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Failure to maintain payments in respect of Temporary Accommodation could result in the accommodation being withdrawn.