Local Government Transparency Data

We are committed to openness and transparency. The Local Government Transparency Code sets out the information that we should publish, you can find links to this data on this page.

Spending and finances

 Our financial information list details the following transactions:

  • credit notes over £500
  • transactions with other public bodies
  • expense payments
  • rent
  • procurement card transactions



Access our list of property assets. These include detail on:

  • land
  • parks
  • car parks
  • schools
  • allotments
  • industrial units
  • grassed aread
  • buildings


Grant schemes

Voluntary and community grant scheme payments can be seen in our  all expenditure list.

Other areas of interest

Freedom of Information

Read about the process, how to ask and what exemptions there are on our Freedom of Information page.

Publication Scheme

A publication scheme is a guide to the classes of information that the council publishes or intends to publish routinely. There is more information on our Publication Scheme page.

You can find health data on the Isle of Wight population in our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment pages.