How to apply for planning permission

Do I need planning permission?

Some types of development do not need planning permission. This is called Permitted Development. The Planning Portal provides guidance on what is a permitted development or you can use our pre-application advice service.

If planning permission is needed you can complete an online application on the Planning Portal. To help you apply, the portal provides guidance on the application process.

We always recommend that you complete an application online. However, the portal also has downloadable applications. These can be printed out, completed and sent to us by post to: Planning Office, Seaclose Offices, Fairlee Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2QS.

What is the planning application process?

Once your application has been submitted, it will go through the stages of:
  • receipt
  • validation
  • registration
  • consideration
  • decision


We will assign a case officer:

  • once your application has been submitted on the Planning Portal
  • we have been notified, or we receive the paper application


We check that all forms have been correctly filled in, signed, and dated. We check that the site location plan is to scale, has been outlined in red, and matches site maps on our system. We check all drawings and plans to ensure they meet national requirements and local requirements. If any additional information is needed, we will contact you.


An acknowledgement letter is sent to the applicant/agent detailing the expected decision date. A letter is sent to all statutory consultees, such as Natural England and the Environment Agency. The application will be advertised in a local paper. Depending on the type of application, a site notice will be displayed near to the site or notification sent to immediate neighbours.


The case officer will assess the application. Sometimes you may be asked to make changes. Your application will be decided under delegated powers unless it meets the reasons set out in the Code of Practice for Members and Officers dealing with planning matters for it to be heard by the planning committee.
Details of the planning committee, meetings, and agendas and reports can be found on Modern Gov.


We aim to decide householder and minor applications within eight weeks and major applications within 13 weeks. There may be times where this is not possible, and we may ask you to agree to an extension of time for your decision.

If your application is approved please:
  • check any conditions
  • comply with all the conditions
  • contact the case officer who dealt with the application if you are unclear about any of the conditions
  • submit any further information if you are asked to do so or are required to by conditions detailed in the decision notice. This should explain what conditions you are seeking to discharge along with the application form

If your application is refused, you can: