Tenancy information

Finding a place to live can be both exciting and difficult. A great place to get started is with our Landlord and tenant guide (PDF, 418KB). GOV.UK also provides a list of housing 'how to' guides.

Visit our homelessness pages if you are currently homeless or threatened with homelessness within eight weeks (56 days).

Island HomeFinder

You can find and bid on housing with Island HomeFinder. The available properties list is updated weekly. You can also get a housing options assessment.

If you have any questions about tenancy and your options, contact our Choice-based Lettings team for help. Email housing@iow.gov.uk or call 01983 823040.

Protecting yourself

Know how to protect yourself in the home and when renting. Learn about:

And you can contact us for support if you have any questions.

Affordable renting

Learn what options you may have when renting to assist with your financial need. Visit these links for some information about financial help:

If you are young person leaving care, visit our care leavers page for more information about housing options.

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