Housing grants and adaptations

Keeping you independent

We understand it is best to remain in your home if possible. If you have health issues, a disability, or changing circumstances, and you need to make your home fit for purpose, let us know.

You may need to make some minor or major adjustments to your home, such as installing a shower seat or building a wheelchair ramp. For minor adaptations, you can refer yourself or someone else to our Community Equipment Service.

For information about our equipment service and making your home more functional for disabilities and age-related needs, visit our daily living aids page.

What do I need to do first?

You will need an assessment with the Community Occupational Therapy Service. 

To contact  the Community Occupational Therapy service:

  • call 01983 823340 - choose option 7 for the Occupational Therapy Service 

What happens next?

For major adaptations, we can help you find local services or apply for entitlements, such as a Disabled Facilities Grant

Information about what we can provide can be found by downloading our guidance on adaptations for disabled people (PDF, 299KB).

You may have to have your needs assessed to be given a grant. 

Our Community Occupational Therapy service as well as other medical professionals can make referrals for an assessment of needs

Once a request for an assessment of needs has been received our housing renewal officer will contact you. They will complete an assessment of needs with you.

Find out more about the government’s Disabled Facilities Grant guidelines for your local authority.

If you are renting, your landlord may be eligible for assistance if they are a registered social provider with the housing association.

Other grants

There may be other grants available to you, such as to improve energy and heating efficiency.

Email the Housing Renewal team