Staying healthy for families

Health advice for babies, children, young people and families

Free online courses for parents

Welcome to the Isle of Wight Council’s partnership with the Solihull Approach.

Whether you are a mum, dad, foster parent or grandparent, there is a course for you.

The courses are developed by psychologists and professionals. They will help you:

  • understand your child’s feelings, development and behaviour
  • focus on your own feelings as you grow as a family

Taking a course can:

  • boost your confidence as a parent
  • help you navigate family life
  • strengthen your relationships

Courses for families: from bump to 19+ years, including adult relationships

How do I access a course?

  1. Visit
  2. Select ‘Apply Access Code’
  3. Enter the access code: FAMILY, and then enter your information
  4. Select the relevant course

Types of courses:

  • Understanding your own Trauma
  • Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby (Antenatal) 1b. Understanding pregnancy, labour and your baby: for female couples (Antenatal)
  • Understanding your baby (Postnatal)
  • Understanding your preterm or sick baby in hospital
  • Understanding your preterm or sick baby now you’re home
  • Understanding your child (0-19 years)
  • Understanding your child with additional needs (0-19 years)
  • Understanding your teenager’s brain
  • Understanding your brain (for teenagers only)
  • Understanding your feelings (for teenagers only)
  • Understanding your child’s feelings
  • Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing
  • Understanding your relationships
  • Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your child/teenager

Courses for professionals working with children

These free online courses for all professionals on the Isle of Wight provide 3.5 hours of CPD:

  • Understanding trauma
  • Understanding attachment
  • Understanding brain development

How to access a course:

  1. Register at In Our Place
  2. Once signed into your professional account, enter access code: FAMILY_PRF
  3. Return to a course by going to Online Learning