Our latest campaigns

We regularly run campaigns to inform and encourage residents to reduce, reuse and recycle.

They would not be successful without your participation. Thank you for your support in our journey to zero waste.

Bin stickers

During April and May you will receive your annual residents recycling and waste booklet and calendars. You will also receive bin stickers for your waste receptacles. Find out more about bin stickers.

Tackling textile waste together

We’re #TacklingTextileWaste together.

The campaign aims to encourage residents to think about the three R’s when it comes to unwanted clothing and textiles – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Recycling is quick and easy with kerbside collection but there are lots of things we can do before that. This can include re-using your clothes by upcycling them into something new, such as a t-shirt into a bag, donating to a charity, or selling online.

The best option is to reduce the amount of clothing we buy. We all have those clothes at the back of the wardrobe which seemed like a bargain at the time but we have never worn!

Did you know our waste and recycling service already collect textiles and clothing for recycling from the kerbside?

In September 2022 1.34 tonnes of textiles were collected. This is compared to 0.7 tonnes in the same period last year.

Take charge and recycle your batteries

Join us in making positive difference to the environment and use our household battery recycling service.

The service launched in May 2022 and by July 2022, 1.9 tonnes of spent household batteries had been collected from residents.