Mixed recycling

Mixed recycling is glass, plastic, metal and cartons:

  • it can go loose in your green bin 
  • if you use a reusable sack, your mixed recycling must be placed in clear or white bags.  

Before recycling, rinse items to remove excess food or drink. You can use your dishwater for this after you have cleaned your dishes. We ask you to do this so that your recycling is clean and does not contaminate the rest of your recycling with food waste. When food waste contaminates recycling, the recycling could end up being disposed of as waste. It is also sorted by hand. 

What to put in your green bin and reusable sack


You can recycle any colour of mixed glass jar or bottle.

The following glass items are not recyclable:

  • windowpanes
  • glass cookware such as Pyrex
  • drinking glasses (including broken drinking glasses)
  • light bulbs.

These non-recyclable glass items can be taken to one of our recycling centres. Low energy light bulbs must be taken to a recycling centre.

You can wrap the other items safely in newspaper and put in your black rubbish bin or reusable sack.


You can recycle soft plastic items including:

  • carrier bags and other plastic bags
  • drinks bottles
  • food trays, including microwave meal trays
  • general plastic packaging (such as fruit and vegetable bags)
  • ice cream tubs
  • margarine tubs
  • small, soft plastic plant pots
  • all clear, coloured and opaque plastic bottles
  • milk cartons and bottles
  • shampoo bottles
  • household cleaning product bottles
  • yoghurt pots.

hard plastic items are not recyclable, such as:

  • children's toys
  • washing up bowls
  • storage containers
  • plant pots.

These items can also be taken to one of our recycling centres.


You can recycle household metal items including:

  • steel tins
  • aluminium tins
  • food tins
  • empty aerosol canisters
  • aluminium foil (washed and squashed).

Mixed material cartons

You can recycling mixed material cartons including:

  • Tetra Pak
  • juice cartons
  • foil lined food cartons
  • crisp tubes.

We also collect paper and cardboard on recycling week.