Using your Blue Badge

When your badge is issued, you will receive a booklet containing information on your rights and responsibilities when using the badge.

It is up to you to use the badge properly. You must remember:

  • only you can use your badge
  • you are responsible for it
  • make sure it is displayed properly so it can be seen
  • to only display the badge if you are travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger, or if someone is collecting you or dropping you off and needs to park at your destination

What you shouldn’t do

You must:

  • never give the badge to friends or family to allow them to do something on your behalf. For example, shopping or collecting something for you
  • not use it after the expiry date, it is illegal

You may be fined up to £1000 or lose your badge if you misuse your badge. The badge remains our property. We can ask for the badge to be returned if it is being misused.