Housing advice after leaving hospital

Leaving hospital

If you are going to be homeless when you leave hospital, or within eight weeks (56 days) of your release, let the nursing staff know immediately so they can ask the discharge team to assist you.

You must give your consent for the hospital staff to exercise a duty to refer your details to a local authority for homelessness advice and assistance. This is normally for the local area where you have been living, but you may choose an area where you have a family connection for support.

How we can help with homelessness

After we know about your situation, we may carry out an assessment of your housing needs with you. This can be completed:

  • in person at the hospital if you are being cared for on the Island
  • over the phone if more appropriate.

We work with the hospital staff, Adult Social Care and other agencies that are supporting you with your health and care needs while in hospital and during discharge.

View our  homelessness assessment process.

If you do not have a home that you can return to and are homeless, you may qualify for emergency housing if we find you have a priority need.

If you are placed in emergency accommodation, we'll continue to provide you with support and assistance to help you relieve your homelessness.

Returning to your home

If you already have a home but it is no longer suitable for your needs because of a disability or rehabilitation, we'll explore if it can be adapted to meet your needs.

Minor adaptations may be installed, such as handrails to help you get into and around your home or to access toilet and bathing facilities. Technology is available through our Wightcare service to help provide peace of mind and during emergencies.

Disabled Facilities Grants are also available to complete more substantial adaptations, such as stair lifts or wheelchair access. More information about grants can be found in our housing renewal and benefits sections.

Contact us for more advice.

Temporary accommodation

If we are unable to prevent or relieve your homelessness, we may be able to provide you with long-term, temporary accommodation. We will determine how we can help you during the assessment process. 

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