Housing advice for armed forces veterans

Leaving the armed forces

If you are in the process of leaving the armed forces and believe that you will be homeless as a result, you can contact us for advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity. 

You may need to stay in your Defence Estate accommodation as long as possible and wait for them to evict you.

They must give you a Notice to Vacate before they can take you to court for a possession order. You can then use any Notice to Vacate and any possession order that is obtained against you as evidence in support of your homelessness application.

Homeless after discharge

You may be able to get help with homelessness as a former member of the armed forces.

We will consider:

  • length of your time in service
  • your role
  • if you spent any time in a military hospital or were released from service on medical grounds (with a Medical History Release form)
  • if you have had accommodation or been able to maintain suitable accommodation since leaving service
  • how long it has been since you left service
  • if you were given a dishonourable discharge on disciplinary grounds.

Resources for veterans

  • The Royal British Legion provides support and has a local branch. 
  • SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity provides housing advice for you and your family if you're currently serving in the forces or ex-service personnel. 
  • Veterans' Gateway puts veterans and their families in touch with services to help, such as housing, healthcare, employability, finances, personal relationships, and more. 

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