Housing support for people with mental illness

Housing authorities have a duty to provide advice and assistance to households that are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

We recognise that suffering from a mental illness can make it difficult to cope with housing problems. Being homeless can also make mental health problems worse.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, our Housing Solutions team can work with you and your mental health support team to help resolve your homelessness. To receive advice and assistance in relation to homelessness, complete a homeless enquiry. An officer will contact you to discuss your situation.

If you are not receiving support for your mental health, then you should also contact your GP for support, appropriate signposting, and referrals to other services.

Homeless from hospital

If you are in hospital due to your mental health and have housing to return to, you may have to take steps to make sure you will not be put at risk of homelessness because you are in hospital for treatment. Hospital staff should refer you to our team as soon as it's known that your home may be at risk, and we can contact you to provide advice and assistance.

As part of our assessment process, we will give you a personal housing plan that records steps we must take together. This might be to stop you from becoming homeless or find somewhere else for you to live if you cannot remain in your home. We will work with professionals supporting you to find appropriate ways to keep your home or find a new one. 


If you are currently experiencing a mental health problem, we will consider that you may be vulnerable and in priority need for accommodation if you are homeless. We consider your personal circumstances, such as:

  • what support you have access to
  • how well you cope with your mental health, regardless of your housing situation
  • whether you have been in hospital for your mental health.

Supported accommodation

If you are vulnerable as a result of your mental health and not entitled to an accommodation duty, there are supported housing options on the Island. These may offer accommodation and housing-related support to enable you to work towards moving into independent accommodation. Speak to us about a referral to the Single Homeless Pathway.

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