Bin stickers

We need your help

The owner of our waste provider has recently changed, and we are calling on the Isle of Wight community to help us to remove the Amey logo from council bins.

Instead of replacing your waste receptacles, we are asking you to place a sticker on your bins and food caddies, covering only the Amey logo. 

This will reduce waste and prevent unnecessary carbon emissions from replacing and delivering bins. As a community it stops us producing and adding more unwanted plastic into the environment. You can help us protect our Island biosphere.

There is support available for residents who are unable to change the bin stickers. 

If you haven't received your annual residents recycling and waste booklet calendar and bin stickers yet, get in touch with us using the form above. You can also use this form to order more stickers.

You can use our bin day collection tool, whilst you are waiting for your printed calendar.

If you have a communal store you do not need to help us with changing the bin stickers. The stickers will be replaced by us for you.

There will be no changes to your collection service.

If you feel you are unable to place stickers on your waste receptacles, please  complete the online request form.

If you have not received the bin stickers with your annual residents recycling and waste booklet by early May, or you need to order more please complete the online request form.

Request help to replace stickers or order stickers

Types of bin stickers

Depending on your collection (bins or sacks) you should have received up to four stickers. They will be delivered with the annual residents recycling and waste booklet.

  1. The general waste sticker goes on your black wheeled bin.
  2. The recycling sticker is for your green wheeled bin.
  3. The food waste sticker is for your outside food caddy. You will be given two food waste stickers for your inside and outside food caddy. 
  4. The garden waste sticker is for your garden waste bin, if you subscribe to the service. You will receive your garden waste stickers separately, not with the annual residents recycling and waste booklet.

The bin stickers have been designed to include icons on them, this is to help you see what goes in what bin. We are always working to help our community make recycling easy.

Reusable sack collection

If you have a reusable sack collection your sacks will be replaced over the course of the year. In the meantime, continue to use the ones you currently have. You will receive stickers for general and recycling waste. 

If you have reusable sacks and you are given a set of stickers for wheelie bins, don't waste them! You can use these as a visual guide for all the family, by sticking them to your bins inside your home that you use for internal recycling and waste bins.

Assisted collection service

Residents on the assisted collection service will be replaced by us.

Communal bin collection

Communal bin stickers will be replaced by us.

Trade Customers

 Trade customers bin stickers will be replaced by us.

Where and how to apply your stickers