Evidence of education

Guidance on providing evidence of suitable education to the Local Authority

Parents have a duty to provide an education suitable for the age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs that a home educated child may have. When meeting a family or looking at reports provided, evidence is looked at in this light.

The following guidance is given to families when they are asked to present evidence of home education.

When providing a report, it should include:
  • The reason why you have chosen to educate your child at home and your approach to home education.

How does your child spend their day:

  • the number of hours a day / week you are available to help your child
  • the resources you are using
  • any tutors used, or classes your child attends
  • other people who support your child’s learning
  • the sorts of activities your child has been engaged in
  • social activity with other children.

Measure progress, are your methods and resources achieving your aims:

  • examples of progress made across a number of subjects/skills over recent months
  • evidence of the level at which your child is working in Maths & English
  • plans for entering your child for qualifications
  • qualifications/achievements gained
  • plans for the future.

 How does the education you provide help your child to develop:

  • communication skills
  • observation and awareness skills
  • problem solving and thinking skills
  • creative and imaginative skills
  • literacy and numeracy skills
  • physical, personal and social skills.

 Ways to provide evidence in your report:

  • original work or photocopies of the originals 
  • photographs (do not include photographs of any other children)
  • artwork
  • scrapbooks
  • musical and sporting achievements (certificates).